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What Dogs Can Tell Us And Why We Should Start Listening

Dogs have a language. And I don’t mean like a Dr. Dolittle kind of language. Since dogs can’t actually talk, though many of us wish they would, the only way they have to communicate with their fellow dogs, us humans, and other animals, is to use their body language and their vocalizations.

Once you know the signals that dogs use in their communications you’ll start seeing them and their feelings in a completely different light. Understanding dogs’ language will improve your relationship with them and if you start actually “listening” (but remember that to listen to dogs you have to see and observe them) and responding to them dogs will live more comfortable, less stressful lives.

It’s a win-win-win!

How “Let Dogs Lead” Can Help You


The Blog

The Blog is where you’ll find all the most important information.

It’s where I document my own learnings, observations, mistakes, and successes.

It’s also where I’ll summarize, break down, and detail the main principles surrounding dog communication signals, dog-centric training methods, and the best resources to help you learn more.



It’s all good learning the theory of dog communication signals, what they mean, and how you can respond to them, but like with everything, hands-on practice is how you’ll learn best what works and what doesn’t for you and your dog(s).

Resources is where you’ll find easy access to some handy tools, tips, checklists, and the like to get you started and to help you along on your journey of “speaking dog”.



My goal is to learn more, share what I learn, and in the process, help others learn more in order to help more dogs live their best lives.

Contact is how you can contact me, whatever the reason.

If you have questions or concerns I’ll always try and help, but I’d also love to hear your stories and feedback!

The Principles

There are a few things that are at the heart and soul of dog-centric philosophies – first and foremost the dog of course! The dog always comes first. If already own a dog or you want to own a dog in the future that is just something that you will have to accept, at least if your goal is to provide the best, most ethical, and stress-free life possible for your dog.

Below are some of the main principles behind this way of life, but there is so much more!

Dogs Taking the Lead

So much of what we are told about dog ownership and training is about teaching dogs obedience and tricks, and making sure that the dog knows at all times who is the boss of the household. We have been and are still told this because dogs have been misunderstood.

Dogs are intelligent, as is widely known and recognised, but for some reason we never let them use this intelligence to think for themselves.

Let dogs take the lead, and they’ll prove to you how intelligent they really are!

Body language

Dogs have an incredible ability for observation and learning. Our dogs are observing and learning from us much more than we observe and learn from them. They understand our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and even feelings better than we might even be able to imagine.

Dogs also use their own body language, facial expressions and tone of voice (bark) to try and communicate with us.

How rude and what a shame it would be to just ignore them!

Slowing Down

Contrary to popular belief dogs do not actually need exercise and/or mental activity all day every day.

Observations of free-ranging and ferile dogs have shown that dogs, without any intervention from humans, will spend the majority of their time sleeping, resting, and being still (observing their environment).

Constant action, activities, distractions and noise would result in highly-strung, stressed-up-to-the-eyeballs humans…why would we think that this would be any different for dogs.

Let’s give them a break!

What’s It All About?

The “Let Dogs Lead” website and the content within it are based on ethical and dog-centric methods for raising and training dogs. The term “training” is used rather loosely here, since this philosophy does not actually include any obedience or “circus” training; in training our dogs we should be helping them to think for themselves, make decisions for themselves, and have the freedom to communicate freely and be understood.






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