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Dog Owner Passionate About Helping Dogs Near Or Far To Live Their Best Lives

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I have always loved animals, and dogs above all.

With every dog I’ve shared my life with I’ve learned something new, about dogs, and about myself. With every dog I’ve shared my life with I’ve also made mistakes, and experienced frustration, guilt, and regret.

After years of believing that there was one universal method of training dogs and that the method comes before the dog, I finally found a philosophy for raising and training dogs that resonated with me immediately…and actually, the dog should come before the method.

As I embarked on my own journey of learning to understand and treat my dogs better I set up this website to document my own journey but also to help others start theirs.

Meet My Inspiration

Meet my inspiration for “Let Dogs Lead”. Miki, Luca, and Peppi (from left to right).

Luca in particular has caused me much worry and stress over the years; he was the first one of my dogs that ever suffered with separation anxiety; he chewed on our door frames, our window frames, our walls. Even though I was able to help Luca overcome his overwhelming stress at being left at home I still felt like trying to understand my dogs was just pure guesswork and worry.

With the topics discussed in this website I hope to become a calmer, more confident dog-owner, and encourage my dogs to become calmer, more confident dogs. 🙂

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