How “Street” Are Your Dogs?

Provide your dogs with the best parts of “street life”.

We make so many decisions for our dogs; we choose when they eat, what they eat, when they get to go to the toilet, how long their walks last, when they sleep, sometimes even where they sleep, we teach them to act on our command or to wait until we give them permission. Yes, many dogs are obedient and loyal by nature, but by taking away almost all of their free will and opportunities to make decisions for themselves we create insecure dogs who won’t know what to do when we’re not there to tell them what to do.

Insecure dogs are also often more likely to display behaviours, which we will view as problematic; fearfulness, aggression, excessive barking, etc. Problem behaviours are usually created by dog owners, but the dog gets blamed.

If you liked the previous post on “The Secret Lives of Streeties”, you might want to consider how often your dog(s) get to make choices or decisions for themselves, act on their instincts, or just have a “lazy day” every now and then. Can you give them more of these opportunities?

Observe To Understand…

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