Observing Instincts

Observe, understand, foster.

My previous post on “Instincts” already covered some of the most common instinctual behaviours in dogs in some detail, so I won’t go into those details here (but go and read the previous post from the link above if you missed it before). This post is intended simply to provide you with some more resources to observe and understand the exhibition of instinctual behaviours in your dogs; when do they occur, how often, and are there opportunities for you to encourage instinctual behaviour in your dogs in situations, which are safe and acceptable for both the dog(s) and the human(s).

I’ll emphasize once again though, that instinctual behaviours are not, and should not be viewed as, problems by default. They are natural behaviours, which should be understood and fostered, not punished.

Observe To Understand…

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