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This is where you’ll find anything and everything that might help you and me in our journeys to becoming more empathetic and ethical dog owners and trainers.


Checklists & Forms

The Checklists & Forms section is a collection of self made resources that have helped me, and will hopefully help you in learning and perfecting your skills in understanding your dog(s) better.

Links & Resources

The Links & Resources section is dedicated to external sources and resources of information in the field of ethical, dog-centric methodologies as well as anything that might be of interest to people like you and me!

Other Inspiration

The Other Inspiration section is a collection of anything that inspires me on the topic of “dog”; it might be stories or communities or maybe a little something for the dog owners and lovers!

Main Topics

Body Language & Signals

Reading, understanding, and responding to the body language and signals that dogs use to try and communicate with us is the first place to start.

Once you know the keys to dog communication you can never go back to they days when you used to think that yawning is only a sign of tiredness, or that sniffing only occurs when something smells interesting.

Start learning about yawning, sniffing, and much more now!

Walks, Exercise, Activation, & Rest

Walking and exercise are synonymous with dogs, but rest and sleep are not so much…well, they should be!

Just as humans need sufficient sleep to function properly, so do dogs; if you’d be cranky after a bad night’s sleep, so would your dog.

Dog owners are often encouraged to play high intensity ball games or go running or cycling with their dogs in order to really tire them out and encourage a calm state of mind, but often these activities actually have the opposite effect.

Learn more about the ideal blance of rest and exercise for dogs now!

Decisions & Freedom Of Thought

Sit. Down. Paw. Turn. Jump. No. Quiet. Stop.

These are some of the most common things that we say to our dogs; we either treat them like circus animals or like they are nothing but a nuisance. For such an intelligent, loving, and loyal species, they deserve much better treatment from us.

Given the opportunity to think for themselves and to make their own decisions dogs will make good, intelligent decisions, but you have to give them a chance.

Start giving them a chance today!

Psychological & Social Needs

Dogs are social animals. They have social needs, emotional needs, psychological needs. If those needs are not met it will result in stress, and stress will result in problem behaviour.

Many dog owners want to fix problem behaviour, but they don’t necessarily want to focus on fixing the source of the problem behaviour. Identify the source, alleviate the stress, and fix the behaviour, but never assume that problem behaviour comes out of nowhere – there is always a reason.

Find out about dogs’ psychological and social needs now!



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